James Double

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Name: James Double, though everyone knows me as Jamie.
Profession: Assistant manager in a music store.
City: Hereford, United Kingdom.
Age: 25.
Date of Birth: 26/9/1984.
Sign: Libra.
Height: 5’7.
Weight: 11st.
Fear: Losing love.
Quality: Very loving.
Defect: I can be rather naive.
Habit: Modifications, cars, juggling and the lady.
Music: Blues, country, folk, rock ‘n’ roll, rock and metal.
Book: “Where the wild things are” and “Alice in wonderland”.
Dream: Happiness.

T. Angel: How do you feel about being the chosen one to be interviewed?
Jamie: Honestly i felt rather happy about it for a good time after you told me about it and still rather do. Somewhat honored in a way i suppose. Thank you!

T. Angel: You live in Europe. Could you tell us how is to be a freak there?
Jamie: The town i live in is rather small and there isn’t really a very big modification scene here. However if you travel out to some of the larger cities you do come across a much wider variety of people including many more modified people, it’s just finding the time and money to get there. I do get a few funny looks still around my town as some people still aren’t used to it but it’s getting better.

T. Angel: How is to be a FG for you?
Jamie: Rather pleasing i suppose. somewhat comforting and accepted. It’s definitely a good thing.

T. Angel: Tell us how body mod entered in your life?
Jamie: I had always loved tattoos since i was a kid. I got my ears pierced first when i was in school and got a detention for it the next day so the day i left school i went straight into town and got my nipple and labret pierced. As soon as i turned 18 I booked in to get my first tattoo and it’s just carried on from there.

T. Angel: What are your plans for future body mods?
Jamie: I’m currently working on an Alice in wonderland shin piece using the original pictures from the book. I also have several more tattoos that i need to finish, a buddhist inspired thigh piece, a where the wild things are thigh piece, figuring out what to do with my back, working on a design for my chest and lower stomach, splitting my tongue more, a few implants and some other bits, so i have quite a lot to be getting on with!

T. Angel: Do you have genital modifications? Which?
Jamie: I have an apadravya which started life as a PA. I did the PA one night when i was going to do a brand on myself but though it would hurt too much so did that instead! after a while of having the PA i did a bit of research on the apadravya and though I’d go for that instead.

T. Angel: What’s your conception about male nude?
Jamie: The same as it is with anyone nude, if it’s just all out there then I’m not so keen, i think it just looks tacky but if done well then can look beautiful.

T. Angel: Would you pose naked for a set, specially for us?
Jamie: You’d have to ask the girlfriend about that!

T. Angel: What about heart? Single? Married? Widowed?
Jamie: Very happily taken!

T. Angel: What do you do beyond working?
Jamie: I spend most of my time with my girl, watching films, listening to music, playing guitar, cooking, drawing and going for walks. If she’s not around I’ll generally play with my cars, tattoo myself, juggle, bmx, climb or sleep!

T. Angel: Plans for visit Brazil?
Jamie: I have plans to visit most of the world, it’s just finding the time and the money.

T. Angel: Leave a special message for every FG fan:
Jamie: whatever you do, be happy. If you’re not happy then don’t do it.
Peace and love x

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