Rot ‘n Rage

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Name: Rot ‘n Rage
Profession: Jerk of all trades !! haha I’m still studying to be a better body piercer!
City: Cagliari, Italy.
Age: 24 years old.
Date of Birth: 27/05/1986.
Sign: Gemini.
Height: 1.78.
Weight: 76 kg.
Fear: I don’t think I have any big fear… But probably the loneliness is the real fear I have.
Quality: I have an anti-social attitude and that’s good ‘cause there’s lots of fake human beings around us! And I’m so determinated!
Defect: I’m so paranoid and precise in what I do, probably most of times I have to shut me up!
Habit: Wanking before I sleep and coffee after I woke up!
Music: I love female rock voices, all girls-bands from the early 90’s, fox-core, riot grrrls, old school punk rock, hardcore, grunge, and all the trash music from the 90’s!
Book: Dirty Blonde – The diaries of Courtney Love.
Dream: I don’t have any dreams anymore, I have objectives, and I’m gonna reach ‘em!

T. Angel: How do you feel being the choosed one to be interviewed?
Rot: Well, I’m so honored cause frrrkguys is a site in which I believe and I support it ! I’m proud of it.

T. Angel: You live in Europe. Could you tell us how is to be a freak there?
Rot: In Italy it’s strange, it’s hard to be freak or a modified person, everyone looks bad to you, just because there’s so much of ignorance in this place and minds are really really closed. It’s hard like everywhere else, but if you believe in yourself and you are respectful to your person, it’s easy… At the end I just don’t care…
I mean I go at the supermarket with make up and the mohawk up… I’m just myself, but it would be better if the people here go out of home and see the world outside!

T. Angel: How is to be a FG for you?
Rot: For me is really nice, I’m so pleased of it… I remember about 4 years ago when I first saw this site I said “I WANNA BE THERE!!” here I am !!

T. Angel: Tell us how body mod entered in your life?
Rot: Well, it was like 10 years ago or something like that… I was a teenager guy with the classic teenager troubles..
And I found the peace in body modification. When I pierced my self for the first time I felt really free and peaceful. I loved that feeling and I wanted to go into body mods culture, years by years I’ve learned lots of things and the real pain is not bodily!

T. Angel: What are your plans for future body mods?
Rot: Oh now I can cry, I’m waiting to split my tongue… probably I have my tongue splitted in the beginnig of Autumn! THAT’S THE MOST IMPORTANT FUTURE MOD!
I need a tattoo on my heart with the print of my dog who’s watching over me from Heaven And I want my P.A back!
Probably next weeks I’ll add more 2 hafadas!

T. Angel: Do you have genital modifications? Which?
Rot: I used to have P.A. but I take it off after few months. I had a scrotal ladder (10 rings) now I wear 5 hafadas, 2 on the sides of scrotum and 3 vertical in the center of it!

T. Angel: What’s your conception about male nude?
Rot: Well, most of people are afraid and intimidated by male nudity… I think a dick is a dick like tits are tits, there’s nothing strange. It’s nature!
I like male nudes when they are original and artistic… If I look at a pic of an rect guy who’s cuming and another pic with a naked man in an erotic pose and red lights, well, I prefered the last one !

T. Angel: Would you pose naked for a set, specially for us?
Rot: Sure, If you get the things bigger than they are in reality !! AHAHAH I’m joking…
I don’t know, I don’t have problems to show my body, even if I don’t like my body at all, but I should feel like on my own to pose naked !

T. Angel: What about heart? Single? Married? Widowed?
Rot: The Holy Ghost is here with me! ahahahah Free as a bird, wild as the wind!

T. Angel: What do you do beyond working?
Rot: Well, right now I don’t have a full-time job… But when I can, I love to stay with my mom, take care of my cat, stay with my friends, go out to see a concert, have fun, painting, drawing… And complaining about everything, cause it’s always me against the others! haha

T. Angel: Plans for visit Brazil?
It’s full of nice things to see over there! There’s lots of great tattoo artists! But I suck with that language!

T. Angel: Leave a special message for every FG fan:
I just thank everyone for beign so kind..

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