A talk with Emilio Gonzalez about extreme body modifications

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We wrote here (in portuguese) a few days ago about the boy who removed his nose. Many questions arose … We went to meet the venezuelan body modifier Emilio Gonzalez, who performed the procedure. At the same time he came to us, wanting to talk about it. The rest you can see below.

Our sincere thanks to Emilio Gonzalez by all the attention and care to share with us some of his work and history.

T. Angel: Recently you released on social networks the body modification works with the Red Skull and specifically that part of nose removal shocked the public and, from what I’ve seen, the own body modification’s community also proved shocked. What is your impression about it?
Emilio Gonzalez: My impression is that people have something to say, my work has been shown throughout history by the extreme it is. Body modifier word tells you everything MODIFY BODIES. Nowadays any young man who does body modification is believed body modifier, make a 3D implant or a tongue splitting … Aaaah, they are already modifiers. lolSo they see my work with nose removal and it seems catastrophic for them. lol
How do you call yourself as a BODY MODIFIER when an extreme modification scares you? The truth is because of it, I have left to put my work in networks, including BME. I think I’m one of the few modifiers, if not the only one, who really has worked most of the human body from a simple implant to an amputation of legs.


T. Angel: Talking about the nose removal yet, which studies have been made so that there were no health damage in a short and long term? I ask it because some people wrote to us asking this, informed by the medical discourse that says that the removed region serves as a kind of filter guard against various diseases, such as sinusitis.
Emilio Gonzalez: First I have to ensure that a person is 100 percent healthy, with no respiratory disease. I ask tomography of the nose and sinuses to assure me that it was great for the surgery. In addition, nasal mucus culture sample was taken to make sure that it had no infection.


T. Angel: So many questions about physical health have emerged, but perhaps in greater quantities, numerous questions (and judgments) appeared about the mental health of the Red Skull. How have you handled it?
Emilio Gonzalez: Henry aka. Red Skull is a physically and intellectually healthy person. He’s an excellent son, husband and father, who have extreme tastes for body modification, like you and me. He is a professional tattooist, he lives very well with his work and his dream is to become Red Skull. Most of my customers know that body modification is the last step of body art, everyone knows very well what they want and as well as Henry, many of them are waiting for me for many years to make their dreams realities. It’s comical how people suffer for the lives of others, while on social networks these people is killing themselves by the comments, Henry Red Skull is relaxed in his home, enjoying his beautiful family. It’s curious that we and most people who are more modified in the world, we have a very high degree of lucidity and we’re better humans than any other who is criticizing us.


T. Angel: Some speeches try to approximate the body dysmorphic disorder of the most radical body modifications. How do you see this?
Emilio Gonzalez: In my case, I’m very modified, I have 22 years as a modified person and since the start I knew what I wanted and today I give thanks to God and the Virgin, since I believe in God, which I am more certain for today what I want and I am in all my mental capacity, I have different tastes of others and it doesn’t mean that I have psychological problems. I am a businessman of body modification and the best of all, I live well with that. People believe that because you change your face, you cut the nose so you’re already crazy, but the atrocities that we see in the world on a daily basis, as killings in the Middle East, South America unscrupulous presidents who are not tattooed or modified go hand in suit and tie and abuse of the people, they don’t criticize it.


T. Angel: Usually the most extreme body modifications remain confidential, for among many reasons, fear of persecution discourse that tries to make mental illness everything that runs away from a possible rule and order. You, escaping this rule of silence, assumed what you made and make the case public. At some point you had fear of legal persecution? Tell us a bit about how your life has been after all?
Emilio Gonzalez: As I said you earlier, in my country we have no regulation and it is what allows me to do this work. Yes, there are clients that allow me to publish their images, but the vast majority won’t let me. In this case, Henry Red Skull wants his work to be published, since he wants to be the most extreme modified of the world.


T. Angel: Have you suffered any threat due to the work that you’re making?
Emilio Gonzalez: The only threat I received was in Brazil, by a famous body piercer. But in my 18 years of body mod career I was never threatened, in my country it’s not legal, but not illegal too.


T. Angel: Have you ever refused to make a procedure. If so, what can you tell us?
Emilio Gonzalez: Throughout my career and having done thousands of procedures, only said no to a customer who was from Ohio, United States. He wanted to remove his penis, I never ask why people want things because I’m not that one to judge, and most people that take place with this kind of procedure do not go to a doctor, as they would say no and would call them crazy. Once this Ohio client told me he wanted to remove because he masturbated a lot and I said I did not need to know. After three months talking to him by chat one day he told me that he needed me to do the work as soon as possible, because he was afraid that he masturbated a lot and had a four year old daughter. I had a lot of anger, courage and gave their data to the police to take him.


T. Angel: The nose removal was, in your opinion, the most extreme body modification of your career?
Emilio Gonzalez: Noooooooo! lol
I have more extreme jobs, which my clients don’t give me permission to publish it anywhere.


T. Angel: Which would be the new and next steps in the Red Skull project?
Emilio Gonzalez: The following are silicone implants on the cheekbones, chins and cheeks. Soon he will get a tattoo as the character.


T. Angel: Could you leave a message to people who read us and for the body modification community?
Emilio Gonzalez: First, body modifier is one that has done intervention in the human body in various facets. Do not believe that body modifier is one that only made eyeball tattoo or 3D Second, live and let live. We live in a society that marginalizes all of us who want to see theirselves different and we are a community, but we criticize us and mistreat ourselves. We will never be a more advanced culture than those who criticize us day by day on the streets. Third and last, change your mind and I’ll change your body.
Much love to Brazil.

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