Autobiography of the brazilian artist Fernando Carpaneda

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Two years ago we talked around here about the Carpaneda’s autobiography released in portuguese and called “O Anjo de Butes“. Now it’s time to say that this book was translated to english and you can get yours already. Just check the informations below.

“The very first time I met Fernando Carpaneda was in 2005, in an art group exhibition at the former CBGB club, in the city of New York. I was already familiar with parts of his work since it had been surrounded with so much politics and religion controversy in our country Brazil. Carpaneda is this giant man with very calm gestures, and an extremely polite tone of voice wrapped by a mature wit, he is responsible for these super special visual explicit sex-themed sculptures so rich in details, perfectly crafted to express his message. I was very intrigued by the person behind the mask of the artist.
The “PISS IN THE FACE OF CONVENTION! A life of paint, sex and rock `n` roll” autobiography describes a very tumultuous journey from his hometown Brasilia to the artistic world playground arena, where perhaps Fernando has become a free man from all the ghosts of his past. It is very clear all along that he dislikes the art scene in Brasilia, and how under his knowledgeable eyes the art world is handled in an elitist way, like a private club, but where real talent doesn’t open doors. The intensity of his anger towards the capital of Brazil is well explained throughout many adventures Carpaneda has found himself in, each situation more nerve-racking
than the next, all richly shared with Fernando’s buddies: Cassandra, Luke and the Angel. Before New York, he also takes the reader to Sao Paulo and London, important platforms that helped create his dynamic profile.To understand Fernando Carpaneda, one needs to learn the underground world where he gets inspiration from for a lot of his superb pieces. In this book, some passages are so deeply raw, that I had to ask myself if that was really what I just read. His personal path to New York asks no excuses and makes no apologies. Carpaneda is a brave artist, his commitment is with his artistic message only, and in “PISS IN THE FACE OF CONVENTION! A life of paint, sex and rock `n` roll” you can feel the need he has to set him apart from everything that is fake or mediocre. At times, specially in New York, he elevates himself to the position of a subject, with the only purpose to live and breath art, and where sex and rock & roll are what makes his life so disturbingly real!”Gazelle Paulo
Writer for FreakChic, founder of Gazelland Magazine, NY nightlife personality.

“PISS IN THE FACE OF CONVENTION! A life of paint, sex and rock `n` roll”
By Fernando Carpaneda/Translated by Maurício Búrigo/240 pgs/34 pictures


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