Interview about the book Museum of Wonders

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Jon by Berenice

“We live in the center of the explosion of information provided by the digital age and even then, some subjects remain taboo for the large mass.
Nudity: Why do people see the nude with archaic eyes yet?
Would it be a shame of the own body? Those old concepts about sin which had been imposed by Christianity? Or both?
Body Modification: We don’t need to comment the distorted view that society has about this. We interviewed the Italian, Dr. De Mentia who speaks about the book that he is writing “Museum of Wonders”, which it has as main theme incredible modified bodies and nudes.”

T. Angel: I see that this is your second project. Can we find something about the first one or what can you tell us about it and this new one?
Dr. De Mentia: The first project is called “Museum of the flesh Dummies”, but it has never been released and I am already preparing a lawsuit against the publisher.
Some things of the first book moved into this second one.
The first book was a step into the person passing through the souls expressed with the body. The second is about the beauty of a different body, which remains an expression of the soul.
Fakir by Dr. De Mentia

T. Angel:
How did you get the idea for this new book?
Dr. De Mentia: As I told you, the second logic step after the first.

T. Angel: So… Did you start the first project thinking about a second one?
Dr. De Mentia: Yes, it will be a trilogy, there is a number 3!
A trilogy in 2 books. As the first book has not been published, it will be included in the second book, but without some parts of the first book that were lost. It’s not a problem for me. I am not connected to the past. It would be nice if the first book was released. Releasing it now, after years doesn’t make sense to me. It is a thing of the past.

Pierpaolo by Dr. De Mentia

T. Angel: Could you say something about the third?
Dr. De Mentia: No no!

T. Angel: Your work puts into evidence naked bodies. Nowadays, how is working with the nudity?
Dr. De Mentia: We are talking about modified people. I can’t show modified people dressed. Our real dressing is the skin.
So I am not going to be false, the nudity is the real expression of a freak. A freak who wants to seem normal is a false freak, like Michael Jackson trying to look white.
If you change your body, you have to be proud of what you do or DIE!

T. Angel: You use as an example a boy who lost a leg and then, the girls and general people speak about him …
Dr. De Mentia: Yes, he is one of the models of the book.
T. Angel: Isn’t it only a story?
Dr. De Mentia: No, this is real, he’s in the book!

T. Angel: Well, people like us (modified), choose some modifications and this boy couldn’t choose to have or not to have the leg, right?
Dr. De Mentia: And some modifications choose people too, it happens. People can choose how to live their lives.
The boy mentioned is a swimmer, Dj and an actor too.
People tend to think as he has something more), why he’s doing things that people with two legs do.

T. Angel: Tell us a little bit about the relationship that he has with his own body. Did you feel anything different on him?
Dr. De Mentia: He is one of the most relaxed to pose naked. He has no problem to show his body, his penis and his half leg.
I am so comfortable because many people, who saw a preview of the gallery, could not imagine that this boy has one leg and they asked me the reason of why he is in a book about freaks.

Pimp by E. Munoz

T. Angel: You are using models from all around the world and each country has its own culture. How do you feel working with this?
Dr. De Mentia: I felt the religion and the concept of sin in Italy and America. They were people with more problems in accepting the idea of being naked. No one but the United States and Italy people created so many problems on showing a naked body, a penis or an ass.
In other countries nobody made me questions about censoring the pictures; a naked is just a naked.
It is clear that in the case of censorship, I am not going to accept the model. I do not want someone who does not feel proud of what the nature gave to him/her and what he/she has modified on his/her body.
People like these would give bad energy to the project.
I like to cooperate with creative people, relaxed and smiling, natural and real, without fake moods like superstars.

T. Angel: We work with men, and the exploration of Male Beauty is not easy, because people do not accept it easily.
You work with the nude, and I think that people do not accept it easily as well.
Could you talk about censorship, difficulties and problems you have found in doing your job?
Dr. De Mentia: It was not easy, but I am still doing it.
I don’t care about censorship, no one can censure me.
If someone wants to be in this project, he/she should be naked and positive. If he/she doesn’t want to do that, I can survive without that someone. I already have more than 200 pictures of beautiful freaks from all around the world and I feel proud about this success!

T. Angel: How many Brazilians are there in your book?
Dr. De Mentia: Brazilians? Mmmmmmm, only one, you!
I have another one from South America, Venezuela!

T. Angel: When will be the book available?
Dr. De Mentia: Probably it will be finished next year, you have to wait!

Jon by Berenice

Contact: Museum of Wonders

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