I was hooked…

Ignacio Avellanal Photos: María Perez *Some photographs were excluded as per participant’s request.* HOOKED Créditos Producción General: Ignacio Avellanal & María Pérez Equipo de Producción: Matías Saravia (maqui) / Laura Santos Fotografía & Edición: María Pérez (Raw Photography) Edición de Video: Marcelo Silva Primeros Auxilios: Laura Santos Suspensiones por: Juan Valnei Santos Asistentes: Paulo Vitor […]

Interview: Tattoo artist Leonardo Valverde

Interview: Leonardo Valverde, tells us a little about his career in the Tattoo’s World! Leonardo Valverde, 30 years old, one of the best tattooer in Uruguay. He is responsible for the organization of Tattoo Conventions and for of the unique tattoo magazine that was in circulation there, he tells us about his career and the […]