Inked station

Bia Ferrer produz um editorial especialmente para o e conta com os modelos Marcio Lurici, Edgar de Camargo e Flipi Stipp. Confira as fotos dos belos na galeria abaixo. FICHA TÉCNICA Fotografia: Bia Ferrer Assistente de fotografia: Fabíola Zerbini Modelos: Edgar de Camargo, Flipi Stipp, Marcio Lurici Estilo: Marcio Lurici Assistente de estilo: Alexandra […]

I miss you…

Theme: I miss you… Author: Alexandre Peco Year: 2005 Brazil “I miss you like the sun misses the flowers, like the sun misses the flowers in the depths of winter, instead of beauty to direct it’s light to, the heart hardens like the frozen world which your absence has banished me to.” – William in […]

Love – PART 1

BACK LOVE – PlayPiercing Session Technical Information Director: Ignacio Avellanal Photography: María Pérez (Raw Photography) + Iael Erlich Piercer: Juan Pablo Dogliotti Pierced: Ignacio Avellanal Edition + Post Production: Ignacio Avellanal + María Pérez Date: June, 2008. Place: Abandoned Warehouse, Montevideo, Uruguay. Needles’s size: 18 gauges Needles’s quantity: 60

Love – PART 3

BACK LOVE (part 3) Technical Information Production: Ignacio Avellanal ( + María Pérez Photography + Edition: María Pérez (Raw Photography – Make-up: María Pérez Suspension by: La Negra (http:// Suspended: Ignacio Avellanal Date: January, 2009. Place: Parque Rivera, Montevideo, Uruguay. Suspension Needles’s size: 6 gauges. Hooks’s size: 6 gauges. Hooks’s quantity: 4 Thanks […]

Love – PART 2

BACK LOVE (part 2) Technical Information Production: Ignacio Avellanal + María Pérez Photography: María Pérez (Raw Photography) Edition: María Pérez Make-up: María Pérez Piercer: Emiliano Lacoste Pierced: Ignacio Avellanal + Stefania Fraga Date: November, 2008. Place: Abandoned Room, Montevideo, Uruguay. Corset BCR’s size: 14 gauges. BCR’s quantity: 7 Play Piercing Needles’s size: 18 gauges. Needles’s […]

Siameses – 2gether 4ever

“Siamese twin: Head to head … Belly to belly … Sex to sex … They weren’t generated in the same placenta, but in the same planet … Some of them are connected by the body … They are connected through heart … mind … and soul! 1 + 1 = 1″ ABOUT About the artists: […]


LOVE is an interdisciplinary project that links photography with performing arts. The central topic is the adaptation of ancestral rituals to now a day; focusing on the culture of north American Indians and Hindu ceremonies. We chose the concept of ‘Love’ as the background theme. The photographic record is divided into three sections: 1) Introduction […]